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Welcome to Bethlehem Counseling Associates!

BCA has been in existence since 1986 and takes pride on being one of the premier private group psychological practices in the Lehigh Valley. If you are seeking counseling assistance or psychological testing services, BCA has a staff of 16 professionals who are available to offer a wide range of services. BCA believes in providing the highest quality of care for a wide range of counseling needs. Read more about BCA. To find out how to set an appointment click here.

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Our Vision   Our Mission
Our Vision   Our Mission BCA is a private, for-profit corporation composed
of diversely trained and experienced professionals
who believe in people and the power of linking
mind, body, and heart. We accept responsibility for
empowering and providing direction to individuals
BCA exists to assist individuals and organizations in striving toward the attainment of their potentials by making informed choices and accepting responsibility for those choices.  

and organizations in realizing their potential for development, growth, and achieving identified goals. BCA is committed to the use of proven educational, therapeutic, and psychological methods to facilitate the accomplishment of these ideals.